I went to hospice today.  This is second time I had to see my good friend wither in front of my eyes.  Barb is a couragious and classy woman.  She decided to have her spleen removed as the final solution for her blood disorder (leukemia?), she was tired and miserable to have blood transfusion weekly, even though the Dr warned her that she is a bit too old for this surgery.  She stayed in the hosp for few days after the operation, then she was sent to hospice.

As her neighbors, we were informed by her daughter that she needs to be at hospice.  But her husband who has parkinson disease, thus unable to drive needs to see her daily and to be fed a good lunch.  We neighbors take one day a week to help the family since the daughter needs to go home in New Jersey.

Yesterday, tue, is my turn to go through the routine.  I feel good to be helpful, but I also feel sad to see so many cases in Florida that parents retire in this sunshine state, eventually they are getting to old to play, so they just wait and see which direction they should go after further development, when 1y


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