Monthly Archives: February 2014

Happy valentine’s day, everybody

in Chinese, we call today 情人節,lover’s day.  Of course it is an imported festive date on the calendar understandably, yet it gains popularity among contempory Generation.

Good thing in china, we do not have the big monopolized industry like Hallmark, we would shop at different local stores to purchase  flowers, goodies, or just something bringing smiles to somebody speciala, it could be a teacher, a neighbor, or even grandma.  

Nevertheless, it is one of those commercialized fun day.  it is easy to love something’ or somebody, but to be loving to everybody is not easy.  For to day we should practice to be loving to our family; to our neighbors, even the one annoying us sometimes.  Peace and love to you all.

for me, I am going to take my Korean friend ,cho, to lunch and a round of golf.  Just because she phoned me early this a.m..  cho is an excellent golfer, something to do with the last name?  Remember, PGA Cho?

all right, have a loving heart, a great valentine’s day!!!!!