I went to hospice today.  This is second time I had to see my good friend wither in front of my eyes.  Barb is a couragious and classy woman.  She decided to have her spleen removed as the final solution for her blood disorder (leukemia?), she was tired and miserable to have blood transfusion weekly, even though the Dr warned her that she is a bit too old for this surgery.  She stayed in the hosp for few days after the operation, then she was sent to hospice.

As her neighbors, we were informed by her daughter that she needs to be at hospice.  But her husband who has parkinson disease, thus unable to drive needs to see her daily and to be fed a good lunch.  We neighbors take one day a week to help the family since the daughter needs to go home in New Jersey.

Yesterday, tue, is my turn to go through the routine.  I feel good to be helpful, but I also feel sad to see so many cases in Florida that parents retire in this sunshine state, eventually they are getting to old to play, so they just wait and see which direction they should go after further development, when 1y


Happy valentine’s day, everybody

in Chinese, we call today 情人節,lover’s day.  Of course it is an imported festive date on the calendar understandably, yet it gains popularity among contempory Generation.

Good thing in china, we do not have the big monopolized industry like Hallmark, we would shop at different local stores to purchase  flowers, goodies, or just something bringing smiles to somebody speciala, it could be a teacher, a neighbor, or even grandma.  

Nevertheless, it is one of those commercialized fun day.  it is easy to love something’ or somebody, but to be loving to everybody is not easy.  For to day we should practice to be loving to our family; to our neighbors, even the one annoying us sometimes.  Peace and love to you all.

for me, I am going to take my Korean friend ,cho, to lunch and a round of golf.  Just because she phoned me early this a.m..  cho is an excellent golfer, something to do with the last name?  Remember, PGA Cho?

all right, have a loving heart, a great valentine’s day!!!!!

Slow boat to China #1. Testing water

Here I am ready to retrace my journey to china and Taiwan where I was born, grew up then came to the States as a college student.

I am semi-retired, therefore I can afford the leisure to get into my kayak in the back yard reminiscing every drop of my memory while I am paddling down The river.

See you soon.  下次再見

Slow boat to China

Golfing, as much as I am fanatic about the game, however too much is too much (5 days/a week), thus one of my new year resolutions is:  write down who I am, what I have been doing all these years, in order to regain a balance in life.  I am getting into my kayak slowly paddling up against the tides, then let the boat go with the flow to return to my starting point